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Verify Google My Business in 2021 [Video] : Ultimate Guide

Verify Google My Business in 2021

We have noticed with concern that many businesses want to verify Google My Business in 2021, but it has been difficult because the postcards never arrive. For others, the attempt has been fruitless for many years.

Today, businesses, blogs, and websites do not get free google traffic just through Search Engine Optimization because Google My Business can also help drive traffic. In this tutorial article titled Guide To Verify Google My Business, we will share with you how to verify GMB like a pro.

Come to think of it, many businesses and customers are online and continue to search for business and solutions. If your blog, website, or business has a verified Google My Business, you can scale up sales. Interested customers can easily see your business and not others by having a verified GMB.

How easy is it to have a verified Google My Business in 2021?

GMB is actually easy to get verified if you know how to get it done. In this post, we will share with you how this is done.

Can I use my website to verify my Google My Business?

Yes, businesses, blogs, and websites can be verified easily and instantly if you follow the procedure we share in this article.

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What are the things I need to do to get my website’s GMB verified?

To get your GMB verified instantly for a blog or website

#1 Make sure your website or blog has a Google Search Console

The Search Console is a free Google tool used to verify websites, manage key search rankings on google. It has several uses but for this tutorial, we will use it to verify our GMB.

#2 Make sure you have installed Google Analytics for your blog or website. 

Note that both the Google Search Console and Google Analytics for the website or blog you want to get verified are on the same Gmail account for the website. 

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Which type of Google Search Console verification can help me

The Domain verification approach is the best for getting your website GMB verified. This will ensure that your domain is verified then you can easily register your google my business profile and get verified instantly.

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How to complete a Domain verification in Google Search Console

We will get the GMB verified by following the three steps below. 

Step One: Log into your Google Search Console

Verify Google My Business in 2021 [Video] :Ultimate Guide

The Domain verification is on the left in the image above. Type the domain you want to get verified.  Exams does not add the HTTP etc. Just the domain name followed by the .com or .net etc. 

Now click continue to proceed to the next step.

Step two: Copy from Domain Verification pop up

Click Copy to copy the text from the pop-up page. If you don’t know the DNS service provider, just leave it as it is or check the DNS drop-down menu to see if your hosting company is listed and proceed. If not move to the next step.  

1. Sign in to your domain name provider (e.g. or

2. Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for your website.


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Final lap on how to Verify Google My Business in 2021 easily

Step Three: Access your DNS Zone Editor 

  1. Log into your hosting panel and look out for the domain you want to verify if you have other domains on the same hosting account.
  2. In the search of the hosting panel, you can also search for the DNS Editor or DNS Zone Editor. And past the text, you copied earlier on from the Search Console into the IPv4 section. Or contact your hosting service provider to get you on how to locate the DNS Editor and how to edit it.
  3. Go back to your Google Search Console and click on verify. If you are successful, the page will have a GREEN colour bar at the top of the interface.
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Once you get to the verification, go to google my business and create your profile the business in the same Gmail account which was used to verify the google search console and the google analytics. After a few minutes or seconds, google will send you an email indicating your account has been verified. 

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Watch the video below for a practical tutorial that has worked for many businesses which struggled in the past.

Video Tutorial on Getting GMB verified like a Pro



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