LAST HOUR: Solve These Social Studies Questions Before Going To Bed

BECE Social Studies Questions

You actually thought that this day wouldn’t come, well BECE 2022 officially begins tomorrow with Social Studies as the first paper.

Try your hand at these questions before you go to bed. This is not an ‘APOR’ but a well-analyzed set of questions that you may see in your examination tomorrow.

BECE Social Studies Questions

Question 1

(a) State 4 effects of illegal mining

(b) Explain 4 measures to control illegal mining in our nation.

Question 2

(a) State 4 effects of rural-urban migration on production

(b) State 4 methods that can be adopted to reduce rural-urban migration.

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Question 3

(a) What is chastity?

(b) State and explain 4 causes of teenage pregnancy in Ghana

(c) Highlight 4 measures to control your answer in (b)

Question 4

(a) Highlight key causes of the ‘Sagrenti war’

(b) State 4 effects of wars in the world

Question 5 

(a) State 4 reasons why the British colonized Ghana

(b) Mention 3 main ways the British used in colonizing Ghana

(c) Explain 2 reasons why Ghana should be self-reliant

Question 6 

(a) What is Citizenship?

(b) State 4 ways by which one can become a citizen of Ghana

(c) State 4 roles of a Ghanaian citizen

Question 7

(a) What is a state-owned enterprise?

(b) State any 4 problems that face state-owned enterprise

Question 8

(a) Differentiate between Science and Technology

(b) Explain 4 benefits of Science and Technology in our health delivery sector.

Please try your hands on these questions and try and revise as well. I wish all candidates success and the very best of luck in your examination tomorrow.



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